Missing Editing Class

The “Missing” Editing Class 

“What a great discussion and presentation of the numerous aspects of editing. The methods and techniques are very well covered. I learned a lot and enjoyed the instruction.”
– Mark Griffin, Department of Defense

“Really enjoyed this class–after a year of learning NLE & graphic software, I was glad to finally fill in the blanks with rules & theory.”
– Kelley Slagle, Speaker at NAB 2014

Have some software skills, but not enough technique? Faced with a bunch of footage (or not enough), but unsure of the best way to craft the story in the edit suite?

From Sergei Eisenstein to Walter Murch to freelance editing in Washington, DC…
Tanya Spann Roche, an award-winning Avid, Final Cut Studio, and Adobe Premiere Pro editor/producer with over 20 years of editing experience, offers a training seminar on video editing aesthetics usually only found in a university degree program. For folks who know what buttons to push on editing software but are longing to know more about when and why to edit shots together, come join us for the “missing” class in video editing.  Email her at with any questions or to find out about upcoming class dates.

“Well worth a ‘lost weekend’ to acquire so much new knowledge.”
– Anne Brooker-Grogan

“Tanya’s training was the piece of the puzzle I had been missing since college. My co-workers enjoyed the training so much, we walked away feeling very energized with creative editing ideas! Tanya is a first class educator, and I recommend her 100%. She invigorated/turbo-charged our production unit!”
~ Simone Vozzolo, Senior Web Producer, Kaiser Family Foundation

Focused on film and editing theory and aesthetics, you’ll learn editing strategies usually only taught in a university program, plus we’ll go beyond the “Hollywood” role of an editor to cover real-world visual storytelling in today’s post-production workflow.  We’ll discuss continuity editing, eye trace, the Rule of 6 and the importance of transitions, as well as view examples illustrating editing theory from early montage, classical Hollywood and avant-garde up through modern documentary and non-fiction video production.

Feel free to bring your laptop and software of choice for any specific questions–this is mainly a lecture/discussion seminar so it doesn’t matter what platform you prefer to edit with.Tanya Spann Roche has a BA in film theory from UF and an MFA in film and video production from FSU. After working in post-production at Nickelodeon Studios Florida and running the US Department of Justice Multimedia Section, she created Think Speak Act, LLC, a green video production company, with her husband Mike, a video/audio engineer. Ms. Roche edits regularly for PBS shows, including the Emmy Award-winning “Maryland Farm & Harvest,” as well as “Life Reimagined with Jane Pauley” on the Today Show, numerous PR firms, non-profits, government agencies and more.  Her work has been honored with Telly Awards, CINE Awards, Communicator Awards, and at the TIVA-DC PEER Awards. Ms. Roche has also served as adjunct faculty at both American University and the George Washington University Documentary Center.

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