How we’re green

Solar Panels ~ Wind Powered ~ Carbon Neutral Website

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Energy Conservation and Other Crunchy Steps
• We have solar panels onsite and purchase additional wind energy
• Our web hosting is carbon neutral
• We buy ENERGY STAR electronics whenever possible, and we strive to find and purchase from suppliers that have shown a commitment to the environment
• Our laptops use optimal power management settings
• We have master power switches to ensure that all of our post-production equipment is shut off completely when not in use
• We use LED television lighting, along with dimmers on our other lights to conserve energy
• We ensure that any non-rechargeable batteries are disposed of properly
• Our company’s promotional video has an environmental message (and was a winner in the green video contest)
• We are members of Green America’s Business Network and support our local Green Festival
• We provide pro bono audio engineering support for a local non-profit environmental low power FM radio station, WRYR 97.5, based on the Chesapeake Bay
• We pride ourselves in maintaining a low overhead and reduced footprint to ensure the best value to our customers

• Our crew vehicle is a Prius hybrid
• We use public transportation as often as we can
• We submit proposals, scripts, and invoices electronically
• We use rechargeable batteries whenever possible
• We submit review cuts of video projects to our customers online
• We use the least amount of packaging necessary–for example, substituting slim jewel cases for full-size DVD cases
• We accept major credit cards for paperless payments

• We shoot on reusable solid state media cards
• We reuse packing materials and boxes for shipping
• We ensure that office paper is printed on both sides and/or used for scrap before recycling
• We reuse plastic bags when needed

Recycling and BUYING Recycled
• We recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, cardboard, and electronics
• Our holiday greetings are printed on recycled paper
• We carefully select our office products and promotional items based on their recycled content and environmental impact
• We use earth-friendly cleaning products