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Green Energy

Think Speak Act LLC Chooses Green Energy to Power Their Business and Website

February 2009
BELTSVILLE, Md. – Think Speak Act LLC is pleased to announce that they have committed to purchasing 100% wind energy credits to power their business, reducing the carbon footprint of the company and helping to cultivate a healthier community. In addition, the DC metro area-based “holistic video” production company has chosen a carbon neutral provider for their website hosting.  This means that their customers can rest easy knowing that by supporting Think Speak Act LLC, they are also supporting clean energy.

“When creating holistic videos to serve our clients and their goals, we are committed to leaving the lightest footprint possible on the earth and, at the same time, the most poignant and lingering memories in the minds of our audiences,” said Tanya Spann Roche, Think Speak Act LLC’s co-owner, producer, writer and non-linear editor.

The decision to choose 100% wind power and a carbon neutral webhost are part of Think Speak Act LLC’s mission to engage in environmentally-friendly business practices as much as possible. Their business already has an extensive energy conservation and recycling program in place, is a long-time member of Green America’s Green Business Network and makes purchasing decisions based on environmental impact considerations such as recycled content and ENERGY STAR ratings.

By using green energy, they expand their commitment to the environment, promoting cleaner air and preventing the need for new, polluting fossil fuel power plants to meet growing energy needs.

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