About us



Holistic Video® (ho’ lis tik vid’ e o’) n.

media production that reaches and influences people effectively
because the whole is greater than the mere sum of its parts

When creating holistic videos to serve our clients and their goals, we are committed to leaving the lightest footprint possible on the earth and, at the same time, the most poignant and lingering memories in the minds of our audiences.

Video and media production should be more than just a grouping of great shots, sound bites, music, effects, footage, interviews, and b-roll put together. It is an entity unto itself that gets people to think, speaks to their emotions and intellect, and encourages them to act on your message with passion.

Think Speak Act, LLC, provides you with a powerful media vehicle that enables your message to speak to your audience… because you can’t be everywhere at once.

We take care of you from day one, with superlative creative skills and customer service. We know the high standards we have as customers, and we ensure that our customers receive the same impeccable service that they deserve.

Think Speak Act, LLC, is a “holistic” media production services company specializing in documentary, promotional, educational and event-related video productions for non-profit organizations, businesses and government agencies.

We help you reach your target audience effectively by calling them to action with a creative, high-quality, holistic production custom-made to you and your message.

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